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Charleston, SC, Part Three: Gullah Culture and Cultural Yearnings

The day before Brian’s arrival gave James and I the opportunity to see a bit more of Charleston’s tourist district.  I think we were near the end of South Market Street, overlooking the harbor, when I first noticed the woman … Continue reading

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Charleston, SC, Part Two: the Dapper Gent

Have you ever met a Dapper Gent?  A well-tailored man, preferably more than sixty years of age, who’s tough enough to not be a foppish dandy, but refined enough to respect ladies, children, and good live music?  A Dapper Gent conveys volumes … Continue reading

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Charleston, SC, Part One: the Lowcountry

I flew into Charleston, SC, to see old friends from my Peace Corps years: James and Brian. We have these gatherings at least twice a year now. The last time was during the spring in Manhattan. With both of them recently becoming dog … Continue reading

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Did I Kill that Chicken, Did I Kill those Turkeys? And Who Offed the Rabbit?

This is the legendary “Foxfire Book.”  First published in 1968, this text is a collection of Appalachian skills and craftsmanship: from faith-healing to moonshining.  It was edited in the late 1960s by high school teacher Eliot Wigginton.   He and … Continue reading

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And There’s Your Hoppin’ John!

I realized that the chronology of this recipe appeared in reverse, so I would propose scanning down to the very bottom of my blog postings, to see how this Old Southern recipe came together. Or perhaps you can take the … Continue reading

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And through the magic of oven time…

The Corn Bread is finished after baking for 20 to 25 minutes. Ideally in a 9x9x2 inch pan – but seriously, who’s gonna have a 9x9x2 inch pan? Maybe a 11x11x4 inch pan, or a 7x7x6 inch pan, but certainly … Continue reading

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Almost ready…

Okay, the Hoppin’ John has been cooking for an hour and a half. Time to start spooning it into bowls.

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