Moonshine, a Layperson’s Review: Midnight Moon, Strawberry Edition

20161023_215214With the end of the year just around the corner, I figured it was only fair to provide one last moonshine review before the holiday season. This time we’re revisiting the good folks at Midnight Moon, affiliated with the Piedmont Distillers in Madison, North Carolina. The first time I tried their hooch was in April 2014; I had polished off a jar of the Midnight Moon Cherry Moonshine. It reminded me of my grandma, childhood, and cough syrup (the best kind, anyway). At the bottom of my jar was a flavor explosion in the form of booze-pickled cherries. A nice treat in every sippin’ glass.

Speed the clock forward a couple of years later and I found myself in the same liquor store, in Takoma Park, Maryland. This time, I was fascinated by a jar of Midnight Moon Strawberry flavor. Being a guy who’ll try most things once I decided to purchase this sweet treat.

My approach to drinking Midnight Moon entails placing the jar in the freezer and letting it get super cold before taking my first sip. I turned the lid and heard the requisite “pop” of the jar’s vacuum being released and the tearing of the paper seal. Although the strawberry moonshine was just as red as the cherry variety, the smell was completely different. It literally smelled like strawberry preserves or jam! And as with the Midnight Moon Cherry Moonshine, I also found soaked fruit floating in the jar: thick, booze-filled, strawberries!20161022_223523

I poured myself a glass and sipped – slowly. I was reminded of jam on toast, but this just isn’t the jam we all knew at age eight. No ma’am. This jam was taken to Las Vegas, given 40 shots of liquor, a tattoo, and a huge stack of chips for the blackjack table. And don’t even get me started on the strawberries. They’re to be fear and cherished with ever bite. Powerful, intense, deserving of respect. Like the lady down at the local DMV.

Now I, being the Benjamin Franklin of moonshine reviews, decided to experiment a little. I sprayed a bit of whipped cream in my strawberry moonshine glass. Honestly – it didn’t taste great, but I could easily see 21-year-old college students putting this to good use.

I was equally tempted to see how this moonshine would taste with a peanut butter stout beer; however, I don’t usually enjoy peanut butter stout beers. And if the first beer/moonshine cocktail didn’t taste well, I didn’t wanna get stuck with five more bottles. However, I welcome readers to give this a shot and let me know their thoughts.

My final verdict:

Midnight Moon outdid itself with this strawberry moonshine. I recommend you buy it, just to branch out of your comfort zone.

Take Care!20161022_223301

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2 Responses to Moonshine, a Layperson’s Review: Midnight Moon, Strawberry Edition

  1. rumpydog says:

    I don’t regularly drink alcohol, but that review tempts me to make a run to the liquor store. Cherry or strawberry? Which would you recommend for a novice?

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