I’m a proud Ohioan with deep Southern roots.  I’m both urban and rural in my sensibilities and attitude.  I’m intrigued by different cultures, and I found myself especially fascinated by rural American culture, cuisine, and music.  Rural America is black and white, red and brown; its politics are deeply purple, and traditions as old as our Constitution.  It’s not always ideal, and should never be romanticized, but it’s home to millions of people.  It’s many things, but not one single thing.

What some folks may consider “fly-over country,” I think of as a heterogeneous region deserving of the same respect one may give cultural groups in Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Islands.

I created this blog to complement my manuscript, (which I’ll refer to from time to time), with the hope of developing a web platform, an online presence.  That said, I’ll also use this blog to address issues about: current events, humor, religion, comfort foods, sex, music, race relations, the “Rural Paranormal,” writing, and cinema.

I won’t have all the answers, not even some of them, but I hope to raise a few interesting questions, and maintain your attention.  Enjoy the journey.

Kind regards,

Corey Quinlan Taylor



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  1. Corey, got your phone message. I have to go out of town but will be back in touch next week about the interview. I could not find any contact info for you so I hope you get this message. Betty Belanus, Smithsonian Institution Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

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